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Egypt Professor attended SYM workshops

Time: 2019/5/5
During 23th to 29th of April 2019, Prof. Mostafa Zein Elabedin Ali, a well-known neurosurgeon in Egypt, visited China for attending SYM workshops and understanding the application of CCC (Cerebral Corridor Creator). This workshop contained 7 live surgeries and 2 seminars in 5 cities.

Prof. Ali is one of the neurosurgical key opinion leaders in Egypt and the Arab region, has the formal membership of AANS, EANS. He is the professor of Cairo University, M.D., who has been devoting to neurosurgery over 20 years, specializing in endoscopic tumor resection and intracerebral hemorrhage.

Till now balloon technology was used mainly for heart and artery dilatation, SYM has introduced it into the field of neurosurgery through their first product, CCC. The concept is to use the feature of balloon inflation and deflation to minimize the damage while dilating the brain tissue.

The first case was in the Third People Hospital of Huizhou, Prof. Ali observed a completed deep brain hematoma surgery, done by professor Wen Shihong using CCC and endoscopy. This live surgery gave a clear idea and detailed procedure on using instruction, precaution and more importantly, the advantages of using CCC compared to traditional craniotomy. Prof. Wen also shared some valuable experiences in the treatment of HICH. In his opinion, there are mainly two methods, by borehole hematoma drainage, or microscopic hematoma removal. However, if CCC and endoscope are used to do the surgery, we can get an ideal result which combines the advantages of both methods. It can not only provide a clear visible operation view, but also minimizes the amount of injuries, which just require a surgical corridor of 1cm diameter on cortex.

So far, there are about hundred HICH cases done by CCC and endoscopy at the Third People Hospital of Huizhou.

Next, we visited Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, Prof. Ali observed another CCC application, which is an intraventricular tumor operation done by Prof. Peng Yuping. Prof. Ali thought CCC can be used for wide range of indications. He fully affirms the advantage of CCC on protecting brain tissue and getting less chance of bleeding.

The Second day, he visited the Second People Hospital of Guangdong Province, two trigeminal neuralgia cases using balloon compression procedure were done by Dr. Zhang Yong. Prof. Ali highly appreciated and affirmed this kind of minimally invasive treatment and is expecting this innovative approach can be carried out in Egypt as well.

At Shenzhen Second People Hospital, a pituitary adenoma resection done by Dr. Hang Guangdong, was presented to Prof. Ali. Dr. Huang and his assistants’ cooperation was praised by Professor Ali.

Prof. Ali and Dr. Yu’s department at Handan Central Hospital, had a detailed and comprehensive discussion on the application, indication, complication and precaution of using CCC in HICH cases. This will help greatly to reduce the amount of surgical trauma and shorten the recovery time, which was highly complimented by Prof. Ali from afar.

After attending the workshops, Prof. Ali was back to our office and shared his personal ideas on the products and applications. In his point of view, CCC is a promising product, with certain skills, CCC can provide various advantages to not only the surgeon, but also the patient. During the discussion, he came to know about SYM-LAB, and he believes that SYM-LAB will bring more useful and simple products.
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