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Strong R&D Team

The R&D team is composed of engineers and technicians who have been engaged in the medical device industry for many years. The diversified knowledge structure, advanced development concept and over 20 years of research and development experience ensure the efficient development of innovative medical products. SYM-LAB has been working closely with experts over the world to publish multiple research papers, facilitating exchange and sharing of expertise and knowledge.

SYM-LAB has a number of independently developed product patents, among which the brain retractor system – CCC provides an innovative and safer solution for neurosurgeons creating operation corridor, which is a global initiative.The product has received special approval for innovative medical devices in China.In order to promote the development of high-performance balloon catheter products, a special latex research and development center has been set up to carry out in-depth research, development and manufacturing of medical polymer materials.

Manufacturing and quality control

We offer well-equipped labs and management systems in line with GMP requirements of sterile medical devices. Our independent biology, physics and chemistry labs are well positioned to carry out quality tests and R&D activities, including material tests, semi-product tests, final product inspection, water, air and environment monitoring, and R&D tests and inspection of new products.

Experienced registration team

Our experienced team for registration and compliance has a longstanding track record and provides reliable support for patenting R&D results. Familiar with CFDA, FDA, CE and other systems, SYM-LAB has passed multiple unannounced inspections and audits such as those by the FDA and CE-Onsite FastTrack.

Global sales network

We have reached patients in more than 40 countries, by working with dozens of distributors across four continents in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa.In Chinese market, there are hundreds of top hospitals that are using SYM medical devices, including Beijing Tiantan Hospital of Capital Medical University, Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University, Zhejiang people's hospital etc.In the international market, SYMhas good cooperative relationships with the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India and other national medical institutions.

Benefit-sharing partnerships

SYM-LAB has successfully cooperated with several neurosurgery professionals, sharing our resources in R&D, funding, registration, production and sales to ensure that their innovation and patents are transformed into profitable products in a relatively short time.

With the concept of ‘mutual trusting and sharing’, the professionalsnot onlyobserve the whole process that their ideas turn into products and accepted by the market, but also share and celebrate the result and achievements with SYM.


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CopyRight © 2018 Shenzhen Shineyard Medical Device Co. Ltd. All Rights Reserved   粤ICP备16001831号