Innovation Platform

SYM-LAB is an open and mutually beneficial project development platform, focusing on neurosurgery. It integrates the resources that SYM accumulated in the R&D, production and registration of medical devices for over 20 years. Innovation is the core of SYM-LAB, which is to turn the ideas from medical experts into valuable clinical products.


Doctors' clinical innovation is the core to promote medical progress
Medicine is not simply a science, but an empirical science; modern medical progress is based on clinical experience and theoretical knowledge. Medical experts have rich clinical experiences and innovative product ideas and they know the market demands. SYM-LAB is the efficient platform to accelerate these ideas into clinical products. By cooperating with SYM Lab experts not only witnessed their own ideas come into real products, but also gained considerable financial benefits from it.


SYM-LAB core: Spirit of commitment
SYM-LAB will always put the interests of doctors first. We build trust reliable partnerships by signing agreements before and after cooperation to protect the absolute rights of doctors.


SYM-LAB core: Development strength
We will provide a favorable innovation environment, scientific research conditions and cooperation network to reduce clinical, regulatory and financial obstacles for innovation projects and accelerate the process of product realization.


Our dealer network covers over 40 countries worldwide and 20 provinces and cities in China.

At present, SYM-LAB has cooperated with a number of well-known universities and large medical institutions with clinical trial qualification to carry out a series of medical products research and development in neurosurgery. We look forward to working with more clinical experts to continuously innovate and launch valuable products to bring benefit and hope to more patients.


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CopyRight © 2018 Shenzhen Shineyard Medical Device Co. Ltd. All Rights Reserved   粤ICP备16001831号